Comedian KevOnStage Announces New Show ‘Churchy’ With BET+


February 5, 2024

Kev is already having a great year!

BET’s paid streaming service, BET+, is gearing up to premiere the anticipated series, Churchy, on February 15th, BlexMedia reports. The brainchild of the talented comedian Kevin “KevOnStage” Fredericks, the show’s cast includes Anthony Elfoniza, Lexi Allen, London Solomon, Mark J. P. Hood, and Shani Shockley.

Churchy revolves around the life of Corey Carr Jr. (played by Kevin Fredericks), who finds himself at a crossroads when he is overlooked for leadership at his father’s mega-church. Fueled by a determination to prove his worth, Corey embarks on a journey to Lubbock, Texas, with the ambitious goal of establishing his own ministry. However, the transition from the grandeur of mega-church life to the nuances of a small-town congregation proves to be more comical and profound than Corey could have anticipated. The series promises to explore the humor and depth of spiritual leadership in a way that resonates with viewers.

This announcement follows the recent news of the return of the beloved Friday Night Vibes on TBS, which premiered on January 5th. The revamped show, hosted by Fredericks and Nina Parker, brings a refreshing fusion of film, culture, and entertainment. KevOnStage is positioning himself as a comedian to watch in 2024!


Cover Photo: KevOnStage’s Churchy makes its exclusive debut on BET+ on February 15th. / Credit: KevOnStage.com

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