Damon Wayans Teams Up With Son Damon Wayans Jr. For New ‘Poppa’s House’ Sitcom


May 9, 2024

Get ready for double the laughs!

Comedy veteran Damon Wayans, Sr. and his son, Damon Wayans, Jr., are finally teaming up for a new CBS sitcom titled Poppa’s House. This exciting project has been a decade in the making, according to the senior Wayans, who joked to ET in an exclusive interview that his son’s team “didn’t think [he] was ready yet.”

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The wait is over, though, and fans can expect a hilarious family dynamic. Poppa’s House follows the story of a legendary, happily divorced talk radio host named Poppa (played by Damon Wayans, Sr.). Poppa’s life gets a comedic shakeup when a new female co-host joins his show, challenging his perspectives–both on air and at home. At home, Poppa finds himself back in full-on parenting mode with his adult son (played by Damon Wayans, Jr.), who juggles pursuing his dreams with the responsibilities of fatherhood and marriage.

The family connection extends behind the scenes as well. Kevin Hench serves as executive producer and co-wrote the pilot with Damon Wayans Sr. Both father and son will also be co-executive producers, with Damon Wayans Jr.’s production company, Two Shakes Entertainment, overseeing the project.

The undeniable resemblance between the Wayans isn’t lost on Damon Wayans Jr. He jokingly told ET that video chatting with his dad feels like looking in a mirror and even joked, “If someone makes a voodoo doll out of me, you’re getting hurt too!” Damon Wayans Sr. playfully countered the comment with a jab about his son’s potential hair loss. This playful banter is exactly the kind of energy viewers can expect from the show.


“There’s definitely gonna be a lot of fun,” said Damon Wayans, Sr., highlighting the lighthearted and infectious humor that will define Poppa’s House. He shared their mutual goal of making each other laugh, a comedic synergy bound to resonate with audiences.

Poppa’s House premieres Monday nights this fall on CBS, bringing the undeniable comedic chemistry viewers expect of the Wayans family.

Cover photo: Damon Wayans Teams Up With Son Damon Wayans Jr. For New ‘Poppa’s House’ Sitcom / Credit: CBS via Getty Images


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