Elliott Wilson Named Editorial Director of Hip Hop Journalism Under New ‘UPROXX Studios’ Brand Merger


May 3, 2024

Hip-hop journalism is on the cusp of a revolution, and at the forefront stands Elliott Wilson.

According to Billboard, Wilson has been appointed editorial director of Uproxx, HipHopDX, and Dime Magazine under the newly formed UPROXX Studios. This exciting development comes after media veterans Jarret Myer, Rich Antoniello, and music icon will.i.am joined forces to create UPROXX Studios. The brainchild of these industry giants, UPROXX Studios aims to reshape the media landscape by merging cutting-edge technology with established media brands.

“Innovation is in our DNA,” will.i.am asserted in a press statement. “Our continuous pursuit of developing new mediums and platforms will re-shape the future of creative expression. We are crafting products and experiences so groundbreaking that they compel the world of media to evolve alongside us. This is our mandate as pioneers of culture.”


As he steps into his new role as editorial director, Wilson remains committed to elevating the three rising brands to greater heights. Speaking to Billboard, Wilson expressed his excitement for the journey ahead, stating, “My focus is on elevating the three rising brands to greater heights and to help shape the future of media and culture. The fun begins.”

Wilson’s journey to the top wasn’t handed to him. As detailed in an interview with Bevel, he cut his teeth in the independent scene, launching his own magazine, Beat Down, with friends. This experience instilled in him the entrepreneurial spirit and hustle that would become hallmarks of his career.

Despite his initial desire to stay behind the scenes, Wilson’s passion and talent propelled him forward. His tenure as editor-in-chief of XXL cemented his reputation as a hip-hop authority, with iconic interviews with A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Tyler, the Creator, and Drake.


With Elliott Wilson at the helm of Uproxx, HipHopDX, and Dime Magazine, hip-hop journalism is poised for a golden age. His blend of experience, talent, and innovative spirit aligns perfectly with UPROXX Studios’ mission to redefine how we experience hip-hop media. This is a win not just for Wilson but for hip-hop fans everywhere. Get ready for a fresh take on hip-hop news and culture, delivered by a true OG of the game.

“I’m thrilled…to work with proven winners like Jarret, Rich and Will,” Wilson told Billboard. His focus? To elevate these “rising brands” and shape the future of media and culture. With Wilson’s leadership and UPROXX Studios’ commitment to growth, the future of hip-hop journalism looks bright.

Cover photo: Elliott Wilson Named Editorial Director of Hip Hop Journalism Under New ‘UPROXX Studios’ Brand Merger / Credit: Bevel


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