From the Mound to Real Life: The Growth and Transformation of Mo’ne Davis


June 27, 2023

She’s done more in her 22 years than most have done in a lifetime!

Mo’ne Davis’ name first started ringing bells when she was only 13 years old. Making history as the first girl to win a Little League World Series game as a pitcher, she also became the first to pitch a shutout, making her way into our minds and hearts. Inspired by all the women who came before her like Mamie Johnson, the first woman pitcher in the Negro Leagues, Davis stayed focused and kept her dreams front and center. She earned numerous honors for her work on and off the mound, featured as the first Little League baseball player to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and named one of the trailblazing women on TIME’s list of “Firsts” in 2017.

The following year, Davis announced that she’d committed to Hampton University, speaking candidly about her decision to attend a historically Black college. 


“The school I go to now is a predominantly white school. To go to an HBCU, it gives me both sides, experience of being with girls of color [after going to school] with white girls, it gives that balance. I just think it gives me that perfect fit. All of my friends who go to an HBCU love it and they said that I would love it, too,” Davis told reporters.

At Hampton she played softball for the team, serving as a middle infielder and continuing to explore her career options. She fell in love with broadcasting as well, majoring in communications at Hampton and crediting the women who served as sportscasters for the Little League with sparking her interest. During that time, she continued to serve as a mentor for other young girl players, volunteering with the Washington Nationals Youth Academy and other initiatives,” MLB reports. Davis also gained a fan and lifelong family friendship with veteran actress Holly Robinson Peete and her family, who have supported her and taken her in this summer.  


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Recently, the 22-year-old graduated from Hampton, landing an internship with the Los Angeles Dodgers while staying with the Peetes at their home. Peete took to social media to wish Davis a happy birthday and reflect on their relationship, and how much the young icon has grown in the short time she’s known her. 

“In 2014 our family became mesmerized and captivated by this beautiful 13 year old pitcher named Mo’ne Davis…I was so obsessed with baseball because my kids were playing Little League at the time, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: Her poise. Her arm. Her eyes. Her focus. Her grind. Her fastball!!…Mo’ne just graduated from Hampton University and is now interning for the Los Angeles Dodgers…She is also our houseguest for the summer and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her. We love you, Mo’ne! HAPPY BIRTHDAY…I cannot believe you’re 22!!,” wrote Peete. 


In addition to being a recent graduate, Davis plans to continue her studies this fall, enrolling in graduate school at Columbia University. For someone so young, Davis has transformed right before our eyes and is on a path that is sure to propel her growth. She’s blazed a trail for women athletes everywhere and launched a brand that’s congruent with the dedication she has consistently shown since she was a young girl. As she pivots to this next stage of her journey, we extend our congratulations and express our excitement for what this young changemaker will do next!

Cover photo: From the Mound to Real Life: The Growth and Transformation of Mo’ne Davis/Photo Courtesy of @Monee_011/Instagram

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