Iconic Stylist June Ambrose Teams Up With Puma As Creative Director


October 9, 2020

This is a massive win for the culture!

Iconic celebrity stylist June Ambrose has partnered with Puma as their new creative director, WWD reports.


Ambrose is a fashion icon with over two decades of experience and 200 music videos under her belt. She has styled some of hip hop’s most iconic stars and looks; she’s an award-winning costume designer, stylist, author, and creative director. From Diddy’s shiny suit in “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” to Missy Elliott’s inflatable garbage bag suit in “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” music video, Ambrose has been at the intersection of it all. Her close relationship with many hip hop stars, namely Jay-Z, spearheaded her newest partnership with Puma

“There are very few people that indisputably shift culture. That is something June has done for over 25 years. Her pure energy and spirit come to life through her fashion and designs,” Jay-Z told Vogue. “[June’s] a true visionary and my longtime partner in style. Her creative eye, combined with Puma’s innovation, will be revolutionary.”

In 2018, Jay-Z signed on as creative director of Puma Hoops. The hip hop mogul’s confidence in Ambrose’s abilities led him to introduce her to Puma CEO Bjorn Gulden and global director of brand marketing, Adam Petrick, with the hopes that she’d be able to take the brand to the next level. 


“Jay, Emory Jones, and I have had many conversations about style, sport, purpose and legacy. From these conversations, Jay then introduced me to … Gulden and … Petrick,” Ambrose said. “Adam and I talked about our visions and my impact on the culture at large, and it was from these interactions that I knew a collaboration with Puma would be beautiful and transcend far beyond product.” 

As a part of the new partnership, Ambrose will create a women and girl’s Puma Hoops and Title Nine collection. She’ll also help consult around social impact, youth empowerment, and gender equity issues, amplifying many of the philanthropic efforts Puma has already been working on. 

Petrick spoke about Puma’s partnership with the legendary stylist, saying, “[there was an] immediate connection and an alignment of vision… she’s not a designer in the classic sense, she’s a creator, but she’ll be getting a chance to flex her design skills. [June is] an icon at the intersection between fashion, music, culture and purpose…She has a long history of that consumer’s tastes and references from years ago that give her a degree of expertise few people possess… Having the opportunity to bring an individual with such talent into the world of sports is unique, and we are excited to see how she can redefine what it means to create a sportswear collection.”


Ambrose said more than fashion; her work with Puma must continue to elevate the conversation around social justice issues impacting youth and women.

“This was definitely on my bucket list. To be in a position where I’m part of the development and in those meetings where we decide what we should be representing and how we can truly grow…I know that I have a big responsibility—to show people it’s not just about dressing up,” Ambrose said. “[It’s] how do we affect change? And how do we use, visually, what we’re wearing to tell a story? To feel confident and worthy, and fashion serves as the catalyst to say the things that we want…Beyond the collections, it’s important to me that the collaboration is rooted in social impact, and Puma’s work in the social justice space to empower youth through sport makes them the perfect partner.”

The June Ambrose x Puma collections are set to be released in 2021.


Congratulations, June!

Photo Courtesy of Puma/Vogue

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