Kids Celebrate Black History Month with Music Video to Run DMC’s ‘Proud to be Black’


February 1, 2019

Turn up your volume because these kids went to the music archives for Black History Month, to remind us what it means to be Black and Proud. 

What started off as a Black History Month photo campaign in 2013, has transformed into a platform that highlights Black history and excellence all-year long. Here at Because of Them We Can, we amplify Black positive news while simultaneously doing it for the culture and the kids. And of course during Black History Month we go bigger and bolder. 


From telling kids in 2016 that Stacey Dash canceled Black History Month.  

To kids addressing alternative facts in 2017. 


To our 2018 CNN inspired video featuring kids delivering breaking news about Black excellence. 


To kids kicking off 2019 Black History Month by showing that they’re proud to be Black! 

Six years later, we continue to produce original content that refutes stereotypes, challenges the status quo, and pays homage to the ancestors. We hope you enjoyed it!

Every Black History Month we produce videos like this one to celebrate Black Excellence. And we do them sponsor and ad free.


Check out our latest BOTWC Box and consider getting it for a child you know. It will allow us to continue this tradition, educate more children  and produce more content throughout the year for the culture. To help and learn more visit: www.botwcbox.com

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