Meet Infinity Song: The Rising Stars of Soft Rock 


June 10, 2024

New York City’s very own Infinity Song is a force to be reckoned with!

From singing in Central Park to collaborating with Jay-Z, Infinity Song’s journey to musical stardom is as unique as their rock ‘n’ roll-inspired sound. This NYC-based band of siblings is more than just performers; they’re a tight-knit family united by their passion for music.

Formed in 2014, Infinity Song initially comprised Victory, Abraham, and Angel Boyd, enchanting audiences with simple acoustic melodies and rich harmonies, according to their Roc Nation artist bio. Their younger siblings, Israel and Thalia “Momo” Boyd, later joined the group, adding another layer of depth to their sound.


According to the band’s website, they were raised in a musical household by parents who were musicians themselves. The Boyd siblings were exposed to a diverse range of genres from a young age, including classical, gospel, and jazz. Homeschooled academically and musically, Infinity Song honed their skills together, performing in front of audiences since childhood.

The band’s dedication paid off. After years of captivating crowds with pop-up performances in subways and Central Park, Infinity Song’s talent caught the eye of music mogul Jay-Z. In 2016, they were signed to Roc Nation Records, with Jay-Z encouraging them to stay true to their artistic vision.


Infinity Song’s debut album, “Mad Love,” released in 2020, marked a significant turning point.  Combined with several viral videos, the album garnered them a loyal fanbase and the attention of celebrities.

Now, with their single, “Haters Anthem,” already a viral sensation with over 200 million streams and celebrity endorsements, Infinity Song is poised for even greater success.  Comparisons to legendary music groups like The Fifth Dimension and ABBA highlight the band’s ability to create timeless tunes that resonate with modern audiences.

Infinity Song is currently on a world tour, with U.S. dates recently announced on Instagram. With their talent, dedication, and undeniable family bond, this group of siblings is on a trajectory to become one of the biggest names in music.


Cover photo: Meet Infinity Song: The Rising Stars of Soft Rock / Credit: Infinity Song

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