New York Creative Duo Promote Body Positivity In Viral Remake Of ‘The Parkers’ Theme Song

New York Creative Duo Promote Body Positivity In Viral Remake Of ‘The Parkers’ Theme Song

This is just what we needed!

A pair of NYC creatives remade The Parkers' intro in a new viral dance video. 

Choreographer Tiffany Rae and Dancer Sonia Allen dressed as Countess Vaughn and Mo'Nique in their signature roles from the hit 90s sitcom, The Parkers. As Rae and Allen come into purview, they immediately break out into the epic choreography. They dance over a mashup of songs including, Destiny Child's "Lose My Breath" and "No, No, No, Pt. 1" Missy Elliott's "Work It" and "All n My Grill," and Aaliyah's "Back & Forth."

The entire scene plays out against a classic New York City backdrop while Rae and Allen give us their best dance moves, breaking for a moment so Rae can recite a classic line from Vaughn's character. "I guess what my Mom is tryna say is, this is a victory for every girl who doesn't look like she stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine," Rae recites, promoting body positivity in the midst of their dope moves. 

The pair, both native New Yorkers, said they had no idea the video would go viral. "I posted a video with face app and put my face in Countess Vaughn, and everyone was saying 'OMG, you should do a video, you look just like her,' months ago. The Parkers is also a show I love so much [simply for] the fact that they have women who look just like me on screen is so important. It showed all shapes and sizes can make it, and we can break the stereotypes of what we can't do," Rae told Because Of Them We Can.  

Missy Elliott, another body positive advocate, shared the video to her social media, and it has since been seen some 140,000+ times. Rae said she plans to drop more videos and hopes that Allen will continue to partner with her. The two said they've been overwhelmed by the support. 

“It’s been amazing the response. So much positivity,” Rae said.

Check out the full dance visual below.

Congratulations, ladies! We can’t wait to see what you drop next!

Photo Courtesy of @raebeast_/Instagram