Preteen Siblings Launch ‘Stock Up Kids’ To Educate Other Children About Stock Market


March 12, 2021

They’re on the road to creating generational wealth!

Preteen siblings recently launched “Stock Up Kids,” a brand focused on educating other children about the stock market, The Grio reports.


Kali, 13, and Spirit,11, Rahman are a brother and sister entrepreneur duo on a mission to teach others about the stock market. The two initially became interested at 7 and 9, learning about the market by paper trading on a financial app that served as a demo account without requiring actual money. Now, in middle school, the two have used all they learned to launch “Stock Up Kids,” a brand centered around making sure everyone has the same opportunity to learn as they did to help their financial literacy. 




“Well, at first, it was because we were 7 and 9, and it was a little complicated, but as we started practicing and doing more of it, we learned more, and it got easier,” Spirit said. 

“We started with companies that we already knew like Nike, Microsoft, McDonald’s, and stuff like that, and we just used Yahoo finance which is a free website,” Kali added. 


The siblings first got the idea to start their own company after Spirit talked about wanting to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She knew she would have to do something to catch producers’ attention, and since she was already learning about the stock market, it seemed like a great idea. Both Kali and Spirit hope that “Stock Up Kids” makes it easier for anyone to learn about the market, not just kids. The two have a YouTube channel where they share information and travel for speaking engagements. 

Kali and Spirit’s parents, Gary and Calli, both shared their enthusiasm for the children’s latest endeavor. “We’re very proud of them in the way that they carry themselves and share the information. They really want to give back,” Calli said.

Besides their financial literacy and trading tips, they also share personal tidbits about their lives via YouTube. Kali speaks about his dreams of becoming a zoologist and professional athlete and Spirit sharing her talents of singing, dancing, and art. 


“We’re learning about finance. We’re learning about financial literacy. We’re learning about how to manage our money and how to trade it, of course, so that’s stuff some people don’t even learn as adults…. We’re on pace to become millionaires by the time we’re 18,” Spirit told WMAR 2 News

Congratulations, Kali and Spirit! 

Photo Courtesy of Stock Up Kids


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