This Black History Month Let’s Celebrate the Facts, Not Alternative Facts


February 1, 2017

While we have focused on highlighting and celebrating Black excellence on a daily basis for the last 4-years, this new age of alternative facts has reminded us of the reason why we began – to build the self-esteem of our children through imagery and facts that refute false narratives that have the potential to shape young minds.   

There is an abundance of alternative facts, however, this Black History Month and year, we want to challenge you to: pick a young person (or a group of young people) to share history with. Share facts that will help them understand their potential and their responsibility to use their brilliance to make the world better.


Find examples of people and events that support the following factual narratives:

1. Black Girl Magic is real.

2. Black Boy joy is real.


3. Black wealth is real.

4. Black beauty is real.

5. Black support is real.


6. Black excellence is real.

7. Black love is real.

8. Black lives are real.


This movement has grown from an “online project” to a platform that constantly remind us of the great heritage we come from and the responsibility that we have to pursue our most audacious dreams. Let’s help our children and one another realize that Black history didn’t begin with slavery and that it doesn’t end with the Obama’s presidency. There is more history for us to make!

Add to our list of narratives and affirmations below and we’ll share them at the end of the month. Happy Black History 2017!

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