This Speech From Comedian KevOnStage’s NAACP Image Award Party Warmed The Internet’s Heart


March 28, 2021

This is special!

Comedian KevOnStage shared a heartwarming clip from his NAACP Image Award party, and the internet can’t get enough of it!

Kevin Fredericks, also known as KevOnStage, is a comedian, actor, filmmaker, and content creator giving the internet hilarious gems via social media. He has garnered hundreds of thousands of loyal followers while writing, directing, and producing TV and film content. He recently launched a digital media company and became the host of several podcasts, including one with his youngest son.


This year, the popular comedian was nominated for an NAACP Image Award in the category of “Outstanding Social Media Personality.” In honor of the illustrious nomination, his wife, Melissa Fredericks, threw him a party to celebrate with family and friends.


Photo Courtesy of @KevOnStage/Twitter

Attendees clapped when Kev came to the stage to thank his wife and his guests. He reflected on his journey, starting from humble beginnings working a 9 to 5 job in a two-bedroom home. His voice broke as he spoke of being recognized for his work now after interviewing nominees at the NAACP Image Awards a year prior. He credited his wife with his success as he got visibly choked up talking about the ways she’s supported him over the years.

“Melissa is just…everything. This dream…She has been so instrumental. She literally, before even KevOnStage… she worked when I got fired, she built my confidence back up, she was the first investor..she literally did everything. This is her idea; I would’ve been at home playing FIFA in my drawers if she didn’t plan this,” he shared in between tears.

Kevin went on to thank his friends who have been a part of his community in Los Angeles, admitting that sharing this moment with them was the real win.


“What makes all this worth it…I’m happy to be nominated for the award, but if I don’t win, it doesn’t really matter, and I mean that. This is my win…being with my friends and family… I don’t have to win the award because the journey is the award,” Kevin said.

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The emotional speech went on for about 20 minutes, with Kev uploading the full video to social media. His followers shared in his excitement, writing how proud they were of him and of course, poking fun at his tearful speech with a collection of hilarious memes. The comedian shared a few of his own, reacting to all of the fanfare. Check them out below! 

You deserve this and more! Congratulations, Kev!


Photo Courtesy of @KevOnStage/Instagram

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