Today We Honor Our Black Veterans For Their Service At Home And Abroad

Today We Honor Our Black Veterans For Their Service At Home And Abroad

We salute you!

It's been 102 years since World War I ended, and our country has continued to honor those who served in the military every Nov. 11 since. Today we are sending a special thank you to the Black veterans who've worked to protect a country that hasn't always given them the respect they deserved. Join us in celebrating those in our armed forces, and share your photos with us as well.

Peter Salem, The Revolutionary War Solider

Photo Credit: Corbis/Getty Images 

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Happy Veteran's Day! Today also marks the anniversary of the end of World War 1 on November 11, 1918. During the first world war around 400 thousand Afro-Americans served in the military in segregated units, around 300 thousand of those were stationed in France, and despite fears, racism and discrimination more than 50 thousand would eventually see combat. Earning the respect and admiration of the French for their bravery and helping to save France, many black soldiers were awarded the Croix de Guerre, which was France's highest military honor. After the war some black soldiers made the choice between facing racism at home in America or finally having freedom in France. Many black soldiers decided to stay behind and became celebrated expatriates. #theblackmancan #salutetoservice #blackexcellence #AfroAmerican #blackculture #blackhistory #blackleaders #veteransday #blackveterans #blackparis

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 Lieutenant Irma “Pete” Cameron (Dryden), Nurse for the Tuskegee Airmen

Photo Credit: CAF Red Tail Squadron/Facebook

 LCDR Jeanine Menze, LCDR La’Shanda Holmes, LT Angle Hughes, LT Chanel Lee, and LT Ronaqua Russell

Photo Credit: Nathan Hughes/Facebook

Thank you for you service!