Twin Sisters Launch Crab Delivery Service In Maryland After Losing Their Jobs In March Due To The Global Crisis


February 8, 2021

The wonder twins!

Twin sisters recently launched a crab delivery service in Maryland after they both lost their jobs due to the global crisis, WJLA reports.


Rae and La Middleton are R and L Crab Company owners, a first-of-its-kind crab delivery service in Maryland. The two sisters worked in the culinary industry and lost their jobs back in March during the coronavirus pandemic onset. The two were at brunch one-day craving crabs – a regional staple – when the idea came to them.

“We wanted crabs delivered but realized no one in the area delivers,” said La.

The two decided to launch the business and hit the ground running. “We went home that day and started making flyers. We were shocked to get our very first order that day,” La continued.


The two cook and deliver everything themselves – never reheating – and delivering within 30 minutes. Currently, they’re cooking from a “ghost kitchen,” utilizing various restaurant kitchens in the area to cook the crabs before delivery. As the region’s crab season approaches, the sisters say they are very excited.

“It’s exciting, it’s exciting. We are trying to expand. It’s terrifying to start a business, and then on top of that during a pandemic, what are we thinking, who do we think we are?” Rae said.

The dynamic duo is now planning to write a book about their journey, hoping to inspire other entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.


“We made a lot of mistakes and are still learning as we go, but I can say I know how to start a business, and it may not be a traditional way, but I don’t think there’s a traditional way to do anything,” Rae added.

If you’re in the Maryland area and want to order your batch of steamed or live crabs, visit R and L Crab Company

Congratulations, Rae and La! 


Photo Courtesy of Rae and La Middleton

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