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Meet The 22-Year-Old Producer Whose Viral Musical Mashups Caught The Attention Of Oprah

Meet The 22-Year-Old Producer Whose Viral Musical Mashups Caught The Attention Of Oprah

A dream and a half!

A viral musical mashup producer recently caught the attention of Oprah, Global Grind reports. 

Jimir Reece Davis, also known as @loneamorphous in these internet streets, is a multi-hyphenate creative best known for his musical mashups that he posts to Twitter. An internet sensation, Davis often showcases his skills behind his computer, making sensational song blends like Rihanna's "Kiss It Better" layered over Luther Vandross's "Never Too Much," garnering millions of views in the process.

His musical taste and impeccable ear have caught many followers' attention and afforded him several opportunities over the years. He scored the award-winning Sundance documentary KIKI in 2016, has been featured in notable publications such as Billboard and BET, and created two feature-length documentaries about Aaliyah and Rihanna's lives and careers, which Ms. Fenty took the time out to see. He also had his Beyonce "Ring The Alarm" and Terror Squad's "Lean Back" mashup featured in the queen's OTR II tour rehearsals. 

Still, Davis said he still has so much left to do. A recent college graduate, the young producer, has been passionate about filmmaking and music since he was 4-years-old and has been named the next "upcoming talent" by writer and producer Issa Rae. To continue perfecting his craft, Davis recently tweeted about his urgent need for a new MacBook computer, tagging Apple and insisting that his was on its "last legs" accompanied by a hilarious gif of Oprah Winfrey holding back tears. To Davis' surprise, Oprah responded shortly after, tweeting, "Consider it done. New @apple MacBook on the way. My pleasure to help you bring us into 2021 dancing," along with a gif of herself dancing. 

Davis said he "still can't fully process" but is super grateful. He followed that up with several hilarious tweets featuring gifs feening shock and awe, a pretty normal response to Oprah tweeting you. This recognition seems to have only motivated the young creative even more, and he spoke more about his motivations and his goals of creating a lasting legacy.

"Literally, everything I'm doing [right now] is an attempt to show these artists that I love and adore, from Beyonce to Rihanna and so many more, that I am capable of working with them. I am truly up to the task. It's been my dream for so long," Davis tweeted. 

You can do it, Jimir! We believe in you; keep going!

Photo Courtesy of @theofficialamorphous/Instagram