Viral TikTok Star ‘Reesa Teesa’ Signs To CAA


March 6, 2024

Her amazing storytelling is not going unnoticed!

In an exclusive report by Deadline, the exciting news breaks that Tareasa “Reesa Teesa” Johnson has signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) for representation. This announcement is a significant milestone in the career of Johnson, a rising video blogger and writer, whose impactful work has been making waves across social media.

Reesa Teesa, a relatively new face in the world of content creation, gained widespread recognition through a compelling 50-part TikTok series she began posting on Valentine’s Day. As reported by Deadline, this series managed to gain over 400 million impressions in less than three weeks, showcasing the resonance of Johnson’s storytelling. The series, which chronicled her short-lived marriage and eventual divorce, is an eight-hour exploration of Johnson’s personal stories and experiences. Reesa Teesa’s ability to create a platform for openness and vulnerability garnered immense attention, with part one of the series alone reaching 39 million views.

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Expressing her enthusiasm about joining CAA, Reesa Teesa shared, “I am excited to join the CAA family in what has become an extraordinary and life-changing opportunity. I hope to bring this story and personal experiences to an even bigger platform with the hope of helping those in similar circumstances know they are not alone.

Reesa Teesa’s journey showcases the power of storytelling in fostering connection and understanding. As she takes this exciting step with CAA, we anticipate the continued growth of her platform and the positive impact her narratives will have on a broader audience. In celebrating Reesa Teesa’s success, we also celebrate the strength found in vulnerability and the resilience that comes from sharing our stories.

Cover photo: Viral TikTok Star ‘Reesa Teesa’ Signs To CAA / Credit: Jeff Neira/ABC


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