1-Year-Old Painter Makes History as Youngest Artist to Be Recognized by Guinness World Records


May 28, 2024

This young artist is capturing hearts and imaginations around the world.

Guinness World Records reports that at just one year and 152 days old, Ghanian Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah has become the world’s youngest male artist. He has painted his way into the record book and created a legacy that celebrates the boundless potential of childhood creativity.

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His mother, Chantelle Ankrah, a talented artist herself, discovered Ace-Liam’s passion for painting when he was only six months old. While learning to crawl, Ace-Liam encountered a piece of unstretched canvas on the floor, adorned with drops of paint intended to keep him occupied. What happened next was nothing short of magical.

“While learning to crawl, I spread out a piece of unstretched canvas on the floor and dropped some paint on it as a way to keep him busy while I worked on a commission painting,” Chantelle recalls. “He ended up spreading the paint all over the canvas, and in the process, he created his first masterpiece titled The Crawl. It was clear that he found a lot of joy in it.”

Ace-Liam’s talent has flourished, capturing the attention of national and international media, as well as the First Lady of the Republic of Ghana. With over 20 paintings to his name, Ace-Liam’s work has sparked a conversation about art appreciation and the importance of nurturing young talent.


“He has created a buzz and heightened the conversation about art appreciation,” Chantelle comments. “As well as discovering and nurturing talents in kids.”

Ace-Liam’s first group exhibition, The Soundout Premium Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ghana, showcased 10 of his artworks, nine of which were sold. His vibrant and expressive paintings, inspired by the world around him, resonate with audiences and demonstrate his unique perspective.

As Ace-Liam’s talent continues to grow, his family is committed to providing him with opportunities to nurture his artistic abilities. They are exploring international scholarship opportunities and avenues for him to sell his artworks, ensuring he has the support and resources to thrive.


Chantelle’s advice to parents is simple yet profound: “Encourage and support your child’s interests, no matter how early they appear. Every child is unique, and nurturing their passions can lead to amazing discoveries and achievements.” As we look to the future, we can’t wait to see what new heights this young artist will reach and how his work will continue to inspire and delight audiences around the world.

Cover photo: 1-Year-Old Painter Makes History as Youngest Artist to Be Recognized by Guinness World Records / Credit: Guinness World Records

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