13-Year-Old Alena Wicker Makes History After Getting Accepted Into Medical School


July 11, 2022

She’s trying to make a difference in the world!

A 13-year-old has made history as the youngest Black person to get accepted into medical school, 12 News reports. 

Alena Wicker has always been driven, excelling academically and getting accepted to Arizona State University’s engineering program when she was just 12 years old. Initially, her goal was to one day work for NASA. Once she got into the coursework, her focus shifted. 


“It actually took one class in engineering, for me to say this is kind of not where I wanted to go. I think viral immunology really came from my passion for volunteering and going out there engaging with the world,” explained Alena. 

Now 13, Alena has set her sights on a career in biology, inspired by a trip to Jordan she took and The Brown STEM Girl foundation. After finishing two and a half years of college in one year by taking a full course load at ASU and Oakwood University, the teen has now made history by becoming the youngest Black person to get accepted into a medical school in the United States. 

If her plan works, Alena will be a doctor by the time she turns 18. She plans to focus on helping those communities most impacted by viruses. 


“What I want from healthcare, is to really show these underrepresented communities that we can help, that we can find cures for these viruses,” said Alena. 

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She will be attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham Heersink School of Medicine. Her goal is to make a name for herself in the world and inspire other young girls to do the same. 

“I really want to leave my mark on the world. And lead a group of girls that know what they can do…I want to inspire the girls. I want them to see that there are no limits,” she said. 


You’re already such an inspiration, Alena. Congratulations on your latest academic feat! 

Photo Courtesy of 12 News

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