14-Year-Old Maryland Teen Is A Rising High School Senior And College Sophomore


August 19, 2022

She’s ahead of her class!

A 14-year-old Maryland teen is entering her senior year of high school this fall, ABC7 reports. 

Morayo Owopetu landed on this academic track when her mom, Dr. Kolade Akinwande, decided to go to Howard University College of Dentistry. Morayo was sent to live with her grandma in Nigeria from ages six to nine. When she came back to the United States she was testing at a middle school level. Now, the young scholar is on track to graduate high school early. Morayo has also been taking college classes at the College of Southern Maryland and accumulated more than 30 college credits, which is enough to classify her as a sophomore when she enters college. 


When asked for a piece of advice she’d give to others, she stated, “If you know you’re passionate about something and you know you’re willing to put in the work to achieve whatever goals you have, go for it.” Morayo said, “It doesn’t really matter what other people think of you at the moment because once you excel in whatever you’re doing, then they’re going to really like quiet down and you won’t hear much from them anymore.”

After considering many career options Morayo has set her sights on becoming a dentist, just like her mom. She aspires to attend Howard University with the goal of opening her own clinics in Nigeria one day. 


You’ve got this. Have a wonderful school year, Morayo!

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