After Graduating With Her Master’s, This Student Said She’s Now Prepping For The Olympics


May 17, 2023

She’s not letting any grass grow under her feet!

Abigail Kwarteng is a Ghanaian native who recently earned her master’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University last week, Fox 17 WZTV Nashville reports. She’s looking to launch a career in public health but first, Kwarteng said she’s going to compete in the Summer Olympics

It all started at MTSU with Coach Andrew Owusu who first let Kwarteng know that she had something special that might extend beyond college athletics. 


“My coach made me realize I had a lot of potential, and I could go way farther than college competition. He asked, ‘What are we doing here? Let’s keep going as far as we can go,’” Kwarteng recalled. 

After graduating with her master’s, this student said she’s now prepping for the Olympics/Photo Courtesy of MTSU Athletics/Fox 17 WZTV Nashville


That was all the push she needed to craft a different kind of plan for her life. While she is excited about earning her master’s degree and her future career, Kwarteng said it’s important that she put her home country, Ghana, on the map.


“I decided I will not end my athletic career until I’ve made it to the Olympics,” she explained. 

After walking across the stage last week, Kwarteng has continued to train hard for the games. She’s a star high jumper on the team and Kwarteng has been training each day for two hours alongside Coach Owusu. She’s been pulling sleds and running stadium stairs faithfully and feels confident that all of her hard work will pay off. We believe in you too and we’re excited to root for Kwarteng next year. Because the only thing better than one major accomplishment is two!

The 2024 Summer Olympics will be held in Paris, France in July 2024. Look out for Abigail world!


Cover photo: After graduating with her master’s, this student said she’s now prepping for the Olympics/Photo Courtesy of Abigail Kwarteng/Fox 17 WZTV Nashville

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