Author LaDarrion Williams Releases New Fiction Book Centered Around Literal HBCU Magic


June 10, 2024

“What if Harry Potter went to an HBCU in the South?”

Author LaDarrion Williams has released “Blood at the Root,” a novel that brings magic to an HBCU setting for young readers. Launched on May 7th, the story follows a teenager on the run who discovers a hidden family and a magical community at an HBCU, exploring the roots and secrets that connect us.

Williams, a playwright and co-creator of The Black Creators Collective, initially conceived the story as a TV show, but networks weren’t interested in picking it up. After the storyline gained popularity on social media, with @itsladarrion tweeting, “What if Harry Potter went to an HBCU in the South?” it eventually led to a three-book deal with Penguin Random House.


“I thought it’d be really cool to follow this young kid not just through the regular college experience but at an HBCU where there’s magic,” he adds. “A lot of people on social media asked where are our magical schools and I’m like, ‘It’s right here,” he told PEOPLE.

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Williams hopes the novel will inspire publishers to feature more young Black boys as main characters, showing they can be vulnerable and heroic. He has already received numerous messages from readers who felt seen after the cover reveal.

Photo Credit: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/books/story/2024-05-03/harry-potter-hbcu-hogwarts-ladarrion-williams-blood-at-the-root

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