Because of Them We Can Launches Free and Accessible Learning Hub for Teaching Black History Year-Round


March 26, 2024

Educating by any means necessary!

In a significant stride towards preserving and promoting Black history, Because of Them We Can (BOTWC) has unveiled its latest initiative: a free and accessible Learning Hub. This innovative platform is poised to revolutionize the teaching of Black history, ensuring that it extends beyond one month while also making it accessible and affordable year-round.

Eunique Jones Gibson, CEO of BOTWC, sheds light on the evolution leading to the creation of the Learning Hub. Reflecting on the genesis of the previous BOTWC Box, which provided tangible educational materials but faced accessibility challenges, Jones Gibson and BOTWC have now introduced a new tool that is sure to bridge the gap in Black history education. 


“From 2018 to 2022, we had the BOTWC Box for kids, which was shipped worldwide, allowing young people to learn about our trailblazers in a way they could understand – in a tangible and engaging way. They got artifacts, they got clothing, they got stickers, they got lapel pins. It was a whole thing, but it was also very limiting because it was a resource that we wanted to provide to all children but obviously, there was a price barrier,” said Jones Gibson. 

Jones Gibson emphasized the importance of transcending beyond a product that costs to offer unrestricted access to Black history education, stressing the urgency in countering attempts of erasure and pushing learning beyond the confines of traditional educational settings.

“We felt like it was imperative to look beyond the monetization of this information and instead create a hub that would allow children, teachers, parents, community leaders, etc., to access the curriculum so that they can learn Black history and excellence beyond Black History Month and regardless of whether or not their school is making a way for them to do so. We also know that the history we’ve created is well-researched and well-vetted, and it’s not going to be a story that is through the perspective of someone trying to attempt as if they know who we are,” she added. 


Chris Gibson, a product designer at BOTWC, underscores the platform’s transformative potential, describing it as a “phenomenal tool” that empowers educators to impart the significance of Black history. Gibson emphasizes the critical nature of this endeavor, stating, “The BOTWC Learning Hub is a free resource that honors the generous contributions that our ancestors have passed on to our community. It is vital now more than ever because the erasure of Black history is very real and is happening before our eyes.”

The Learning Hub currently features more than 50 pieces of content, coupled with curriculum and printable resources for users that cover the stories of trailblazers across industries, including civil rights, STEM, movements, the arts, and sports. 

Another BOTWC designer, Krystle Wright, echoes the excitement and fulfillment surrounding the Learning Hub’s launch. Drawing from firsthand experiences of witnessing the impact of BOTWC resources on learners, Wright emphasizes the joy and demand for educational tools celebrating Black excellence. Transitioning from subscription boxes to a free resource marks a significant milestone, ensuring broader access and uptake among educators, parents, and learners.


“The Learning Hub is a great and necessary extension of the Because Of Them We Can subscription boxes. Just about every day, I’m asked, ‘When are we going to bring the boxes back?’ And now I’m proud to say that we have a free educational tool where Black excellence is accessible to anyone at any time. We can give the people what they’ve asked for. We’re live, back in classrooms, back in the homes, and let me tell you, that makes me so happy,” said Wright.

The launch of the hub comes at a critical juncture in American education. The ongoing assault on teaching Black history in schools and the broader pushback against Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives underscore the urgent need for accessible educational resources that exist outside the classroom. As debates rage on about the erasure and distortion of Black history in curricula across the nation, initiatives like BOTWC’s Learning Hub stand as a light in the dark, championing the preservation of diverse narratives and the fight against systemic injustice.


Natalie McGarvey, a BOTWC Box Print & Product Designer, reflects on the initial motivation behind the BOTWC curriculum and its unforeseen relevance amidst contemporary challenges to Black history education. McGarvey expresses optimism about the Learning Hub’s potential to serve as a vital resource in navigating these challenges and preserving the integrity of Black history in educational curricula.

“When we started the BOTWC Box, we were just trying to create something to give kids a little more enrichment and excitement around Black history. I don’t think we could’ve anticipated the kind of battles we’re having to face right now on the education front regarding Black history and keeping it in public schools. I think that being able to open up that resource for people is really exciting. Hopefully, it’s a tool they can use,” said McGarvey. 

As BOTWC continues its goal of safeguarding and celebrating Black excellence, the Learning Hub represents the next phase of that mission. By providing a free and accessible platform for learning and engagement, BOTWC reaffirms its commitment to honoring the legacy of Black trailblazers and empowering future generations with a profound understanding of their heritage. 


Visit our free BOTWC Learning Hub now at www.becauseofthemwecan.com/learning-hub.

Cover photo: Because of Them We Can Launches Free and Accessible Learning Hub for Teaching Black History Year-Round/Photo credit: Because Of Them We Can

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