Celebrating the Sisterhood of Delta Sigma Theta!


January 13, 2024

We honor the vision, resilience, and impactful contributions of the sorority’s founders and members.

As Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. commemorates its Founders’ Day, it is fitting to recognize the outstanding contributions of some of its distinguished members. Here, we shine a spotlight on five remarkable women who have not only excelled in their respective fields but have also carried the torch of Delta Sigma Theta’s commitment to service, sisterhood, and scholarship.

Eunique Jones Gibson

As the visionary founder of “Because of Them We Can,” Eunique Jones Gibson has utilized her platform to showcase the brilliance, resilience, and excellence of Black individuals throughout history. As the founder of Culture Brands, she has pioneered innovative initiatives that uplift and celebrate Black excellence. Through her work, Eunique continues to inspire and amplify voices that resonate with the mission of Delta Sigma Theta.

Ethel L. Payne

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Known as the “First Lady of the Black Press,” Ethel L. Payne made history as a groundbreaking journalist and commentator. A Delta Sigma Theta member, Payne fearlessly used her platform to advocate for civil rights and social justice. Her legacy serves as an inspiration for aspiring journalists and activists alike.

Joyce Ladner

Dr. Joyce Ladner, a distinguished sociologist and civil rights activist, has dedicated her life to advancing social justice. A member of Delta Sigma Theta, Ladner’s academic contributions and advocacy work have made a lasting impact, inspiring future generations to pursue scholarship and activism.


Sybrina Fulton

Sybrina Fulton, an advocate for social justice and gun violence prevention, has channeled her grief into activism following the tragic death of her son, Trayvon Martin. A member of Delta Sigma Theta, Fulton’s resilience and commitment to justice have made her a powerful voice for mothers and communities affected by systemic issues.


Aunjanue EllisTaylor

Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor, a distinguished actress and proud member of Delta Sigma Theta, recently showcased her extraordinary talent in the 2023 reimagining of “The Color Purple.” With a career marked by versatility and excellence, Ellis has been celebrated for her contributions to the arts.

Cover Photo: Telicia Farmer, who graduated from Bowie State University in 2021. / @zd_dst on Instagram


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