Couple Launches Subscription-Based Streaming Platform Dedicated To Pan-African Film & TV


October 23, 2020

They’re streaming our stories!

A couple recently launched a subscription-based streaming platform dedicated solely to Pan-African film and television, AfroTech reports. 


Michael Maponga and his wife are the founders and creators of AfroLand TV, a new video-on-demand streaming platform that curates Pan-African film and TV content. The Zimbabwean actor turned entrepreneur said his goal is to introduce Pan-African stories globally and push back against African stereotypes prevalent in the current media landscape. 

With a goal of “bridging Pan-African stories globally,” Maponga has partnered with Dallas-based accelerator Tech Wildcatters, raising some $160,000 seed capital to assist in launching the platform. AfroLand TV has gotten nods from Comcast NBCUniversal, being selected for its LIFT Labs Accelerator program, and the 2020 Berlinale International Film Festival, which dubbed the platform “the new Netflix or Disney+ for Africa.”


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stay or get out? ..TOMORROW ‘Stay’ seasons 1 & 2 will be live on AfroLandTV! Have you signed up for your 30-day free trial? get the popcorn ready click the link in bio to check out tons of Pan African TV shows and movies!


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“TV is the biggest influencer and programmer in the world. We don’t showcase titles surrounding any wars, poverty, and sickness. The big platforms are already doing that. We are not trying to be like Netflix. We’re collecting these stories globally. You can consider us a niche platform, but we are a global niche platform,” Maponga said. 


While the couple has run into several obstacles along the way including finding capital for licensing content, an issue for many VOD start-ups, Maponga said they plan to forge ahead and continue providing quality content with the hope of growing to that level. 

“Licensing Hollywood content is very expensive, especially for a start-up and requires large upfront cash investments. [We have] grown from nothing to something with very limited resources,” Maponga said.

The couple are focusing on building their audience and curating quality content, offering “stories for everyone.” AfroLand TV currently offers a wide array of diasporic content spanning African, Black American, Black European, Caribbean, and Afro-Latino culture. 


AfroLand TV is now available for the public to sign up for free streaming. For more info, visit its website. 


Photo Courtesy of @MichaelMaponga/Twitter


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