Popular Black Owned Doll Company, ‘Orijin Bees,’ Now Featured in Target Toy Book


by Veracity Savant

November 30, 2023

Get yours in time for the holidays!

Melissa Orijin and her 9-year-old daughter, Esi, are the brains behind Orijin Bees, a doll company that focuses on offering cultural representation in the toy industry. Featuring an array of dolls donned in Kente Cloth accessories with gorgeous afro hair, the brand was thrust into the spotlight when Oprah named the Orijin Bees’ Baby Doll Collection on her annual Favorite Things list in 2021. Now, the brand is in the press again, this time for being featured in Target’s 2023 Holiday Toy Book, BlackNews.com reports. 

“Orijin Bees are confident, kind, intelligent, beautiful girls that embrace their orijinal features and come together to impact the world in a powerful way. Our dolls represent girls of different skin complexions and hair textures. All of our dolls are eco-friendly and nontoxic,” a statement on the website reads.


The brand prides itself on being a diverse option for children to see themselves reflected in play. A reminder of the ever-changing market and the premium placed on inclusion across sectors. In addition to adding its entire Nu’Bee Plush Baby Doll Collection to Target stores and online nationwide, Orijin Bees has also landed a spot in Amazon’s 2023 Holiday Toy Book. The dolls are shaping up to be a must-have for the holiday season and are a great gift idea for anyone shopping for little ones. 

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The doll babies are featured in every hue, with Orijin Bees also recently releasing a line of boy dolls as a part of the “Bee-Boy Collection.” 

“A Bee Boy’s potential, a boundless sea, infinite possibilities, he’s meant to be…In his story, we find hope and grace, a reminder that every Bee Boy has a special place,” a description of the collection reads. 

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The dolls range in price from $20 to $55, and the brand also has a boutique that sells children’s clothes. To purchase your Orijin Bee baby doll, click here

Cover photo: Popular Black Owned Doll Company, ‘Orijin Bees,’ Now Featured in Target Toy Book/Photo by Orijin Bees

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