Dominique Dawes & Will Packer Become New Owners of Atlanta Falcons


May 29, 2024

The Atlanta Falcons are taking flight toward a brighter and more inclusive future.

Team owner Arthur M. Blank recently announced the addition of four history-making limited partners to the ownership group for the Atlanta Falcons, including iconic gymnast Dominique Dawes and powerhouse film producer Will Packer. This move is a significant shift for the NFL, one that prioritizes diversity, representation, and impactful leadership.

Dominique Dawes is already a legend. As a member of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics gymnastics team, she became the first African American woman to win Olympic gold in the sport. Her impact extends far beyond the medals, though. Dawes has always been driven to inspire others and leave a lasting positive mark.


“Making a difference has always been my passion,” Dawes shared. “Winning Team Gold in Atlanta gave me a huge platform to inspire others. This opportunity from Mr. Blank allows me to keep that going, right here in my beloved Atlanta community.” Dawes’ involvement as one of the few Black women in NFL ownership is groundbreaking. She’s ensuring the next generation sees themselves reflected at the highest levels of sports management.

Will Packer, renowned for producing films that celebrate diversity and inclusion, brings a fresh perspective to the Falcons’ ownership. His career in entertainment has consistently highlighted the importance of seeing yourself reflected in positions of power.


“The power of representation is undeniable,” Packer stated. “As someone who’s dedicated to creating diverse stories, I deeply appreciate Mr. Blank’s commitment to opening doors that were once closed. This is both a personal dream come true and a chance to show young people of color that they too can excel at the highest levels of NFL ownership.”

Influential corporate executive Rosalind Brewer and venture capitalist Rashaun Williams round out the ownership group. These leaders bring a wealth of experience from diverse fields, enriching the ownership group with unique perspectives and expertise.

“These are all impressive leaders who’ve made a positive impact in their fields,” Blank said. “Each one brings something special to the table. I’m excited to have them on board and tap into their knowledge to build a stronger Falcons organization and make a bigger difference in our community.”


As they step into their new roles, Dominique Dawes and Will Packer carry the knowledge that they’re not just part of a team – they’re shaping the future of the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL. Because of them, we can envision a future where diversity is celebrated, barriers are broken, and dreams truly have no limits.

Cover photo: Will Packer & Dominique Dawes Become New Owners of Atlanta Falcons / Credit: @AtlantaFalcons/@WillPowerPacker/X

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