This Georgia Tech Honor Student Won Almost $70,000 On Wheel of Fortune


December 14, 2022

He plays for keeps!

Georgia native Quincy Howard definitely brought his A-game last month on Wheel of Fortune during their College Week show. Howard is a 4.0 sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering at Georgia Tech. He was also an honor graduate in high school and the valedictorian of his class.


“I knew every time I would spin, I had a 15% chance of landing on ‘lose a turn’ or ‘bankrupt’,” he said, explaining his strategy. Any time he had the gut feeling that he could solve the puzzle, he went for it! Howard was one of the two College Week contestants to solve the final puzzle, which earned him over $60,000 in earnings and two vacations. His fast skills in the bonus round won him a shiny new mini cooper. 


He plans to hold on to the car for now and give it to his sister when she earns her drivers license. For the trips, he plans to take mom on one and dad on the other. As for the money, he’s putting it towards the completion of his undergraduate degree. 


Howard gave a piece of advice to future contestants, stating, “Figure out what you can learn about letters and phrases, watch old episodes to see how the game works, and play word games. You’ll also need some muscles.” The game show winner let it be known that the wheel was about 2,400 pounds!


That’s what we’re talking about. You go, Quincy! 



Photo: GA Tech

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