HBCU Bound: Tytianna Smith Has A 4.6 GPA And $1.7 Million In Scholarships


April 26, 2017

High school senior Tytianna Smith’s journey to choosing to attend the historically Black university, Norfolk, started with applying to fifty colleges. With a 4.6 grade point average, Tytianna was accepted into every school she applied to, except her top choice of Stanford University. She could have accepted this as defeat, but, instead, she took it as God’s way of leading her to the right college she was destined to attend. 

Before acceptance letters were sent out, Tytianna was trying to decide between continuing her education at an historically Black college or university (HBCU) or a predominately white institution (PWI), sharing: “I wanted both for different reasons but was unsure what was right for me. I follow God and I don’t care what anyone says. I thought he was leading me to Stanford but I’m confident the final destination was Norfolk and Stanford was just a part of the journey.”


Tytianna, a student at Lafayette High School in Lafayette, Alabama, also received a high score of 29 on the ACT, $1.7 million in scholarship offers, plus a number of outside scholarships for college.

Congratulations, Tytianna! Thank you for showing us all what can happen when you believe in your destiny. 

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