Howard University Students Are Fundraising To Re-Launch An Official Men’s Lacrosse Team


June 20, 2023

Let’s make it happen for them family!

Students at Howard University have decided to petition the public for help in making their dreams come true. In an effort to re-launch an official men’s lacrosse team on the historic HBCU campus after an 8-year hiatus, students have launched a GoFundMe with the goal of raising $15,000, already bringing in donations of more than $4,000 since its launch. 

“The Howard University Men’s Lacrosse Team is venturing into a space that hasn’t been occupied by Howard in over 8 years; organizing an official men’s lacrosse team on the University’s campus,” a statement on the fundraising site reads. 


They have been doing the work to gain interest, assembling a team of passionate and skilled individuals, and now they want to take the next steps to make it official. Since competing at the collegiate level is no small feat, they hope the public will support their efforts and open their hearts and wallets for a worthy cause. 

“As much heart and determination we have to make this happen, there are certain things that are beyond our control that have to be addressed. From equipment costs to tournament fees, the monetary burden of starting a competing team is bigger than what we can handle on our own so we are turning to you – our support, to help us reach our goal in order to cover the costs we will incur as we take on this monumental task,” the statement continues. 

Howard University is one of only two HBCUs to have a NCAA Division I women’s lacrosse team and they’ve been doing great. If they were able to bring back the men’s lacrosse team, they would really be doing a lot for diversity in the sport and ensuring more Black students get exposed to the game. 


To support the Howard University Men’s Lacrosse Team, click here.

Cover photo: Howard University students are fundraising to re-launch an official men’s lacrosse team/Photo Courtesy of Howard University Men’s Lacrosse Team/GoFundMe

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