Issa Rae Announces That She’s Secured Investors For New Studio


February 7, 2024

“When I Tell You We’re Ready, We’re Ready,” says Issa Rae.

In the wake of recent cancellations of Black television shows, including the unfortunate axing of her own series, Rap Sh!t, Issa Rae is not deterred. In an interview with Time, she expressed her frustration with Hollywood’s apparent back-peddling on pledges to increase diversity and representation, citing the industry’s preference for safe, “universal” stories at the expense of culturally specific narratives. “There is a bitterness of just like, who suffers from you guys pulling back? People of color always do,” Rae says.

Despite these setbacks, Rae remains committed to championing underrepresented voices and driving positive change. Her latest endeavor involves the development of a new studio campus in South Los Angeles, a move aimed at not only providing opportunities for local filmmakers but also serving as an economic engine for the community.


Rae’s vision for the studio reflects her deep-rooted belief in the power of storytelling to effect social change and economic empowerment. By creating a space where diverse voices can thrive, she hopes to counteract the industry’s tendency to overlook stories that don’t fit into a conventional mold.

Her dedication to her community extends beyond entertainment. She has invested heavily in South L.A.’s development, recognizing the neighborhood’s historical significance and cultural contributions. Through initiatives like featuring local businesses on Insecure, known as “The Issa Effect,” Rae has demonstrated her commitment to uplifting the area and supporting its residents.

As she continues to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship and advocacy, Rae remains focused on her ultimate goal: to make a meaningful impact both within the entertainment industry and in the communities she serves. “We have the investors; it’s just about locking in on that land,” Rae says. “When I tell you we’re ready, we’re ready,” she shared. With her determination, there’s no doubt that Issa Rae will continue to be a driving force for change in Hollywood and beyond.


Cover photo: Issa Rae Announces That She’s Secured Investors For New Studio/Issa Rae/Credit: Victor Boyko/Getty Images 

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