LeBron James Opens Job Training Facility For ‘I Promise’ School Families


April 12, 2023

He’s eliminating barriers to employment!

The LeBron James Family Foundation is expanding their offerings for “I Promise” school students and families with the opening of “House Three Thirty,” a new job training facility named after Akron’s area code, AfroTech reports. 

James opened the school in 2018, expanding rapidly over the last few years to include free college tuition for students upon graduation, transitional housing for students and their families, and the “I Promise HealthQuarters,” a new multimillion-dollar facility offering medical, dental, optometry and mental health services for “I Promise” students and the Akron community at large set to open in 2024. Now the latest initiative, House Three Thirty will help address employment opportunities that may be plaguing students and families, offering a centrally located job training facility that doubles as a retail, dining and event space. 


“House Three Thirty will offer what we’ve learned our families need. It will be a hub for hands-on job training for some of the most skilled yet underrepresented workers in our community – giving them essential experience they can parlay into even bigger career opportunities. It will be an accessible one-stop-shop for our families’ and our community’s financial health needs so they may take control of their financial futures. It will be a gathering space for the important conversations needed to move our community and country forward,” a statement on the website reads.

LeBron James opens job training facility for “I Promise” school families/Photo Courtesy of LeBron James Family Foundation


Starbucks has partnered with House Three Thirty to feature a Starbucks Community Store on site where students and their families can receive training and jobs. JPMorgan Chase has also signed on as a partner to offer financial resources and workshops. Opening the space near the school’s campus helps address transportation issues. The hope is to provide students and families with the necessary skills and opportunities to build thriving careers. 



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The house will feature a sports bar, museum, ballroom, cigar room, an ice cream parlor and a pizzeria. The retail spaces will double as management training facilities and the foundation hopes that this can serve as a blueprint for other educational communities across the country. 

According to Spectrum News 1, the house officially opened on March 30th, Akron’s 330 Day and was designed completely by mDesign, a digital design, retail and home decor manufacturer. The workforce training center also features a barber shop, beauty salon and laundry area. More details are to come but the multipurpose center is a beacon of hope for Akron residents and an extension of James’ commitment to rebuilding his city, brick by brick. 

To learn more about House Three Thirty, visit the LeBron James Family Foundation.


Cover photo: LeBron James opens job training facility for “I Promise” school families/Photo Courtesy of Ty Wright/Getty Images

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