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Meet Dr. Michael Obeng, The Harvard Medical School Grad Who Saved ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ Tessica Brown

Meet Dr. Michael Obeng, The Harvard Medical School Grad Who Saved ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ Tessica Brown

He’s heaven sent!

Meet Dr. Michael Obeng, the Ghanaian Harvard Medical School graduate who saved “Gorilla Glue girl” Tessica Brown, The New York Post reports. 

Obeng first rose to prominence as a co-star on the hit E! TV reality series “Second Wives Club,” with his wife Veronika. The Ghana native is a Harvard Medical School graduate who now works as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, boasting a net worth of $8 million. His work has gained him national recognition, being rated twice among America’s top plastic surgeons by the Consumer Research Council. He also runs a non-profit, R.E.S.T.O.R.E. Worldwide Inc., traveling around the globe offering his surgical skills to those in third world countries. 

We all fully understand the politics of Black hair. Recently, Louisiana native Tessica Brown went viral revealing her hair had been stuck in a style for a month, after substituting Gorilla Glue spray for hairspray in a rush effort to look good, assuming she could just wash it out when she got home. Needless to say, it wasn’t that simple and the extra-strong superglue ended up molding the style to her head. Despite attempts to wash it out, utilize home remedies to break the glue down, and a trip to the E.R., Brown still had reached no success and was at her wit’s end.


“Look...My hair, it don’t move. You hear what I’m telling you? It don’t move. I’ve washed my hair 15 times and it don’t move,” Brown lamented in the original video. She then proceeded to prove just how strong the adhesive was, attempting to wash her hair on camera to no avail, getting visibly emotional.



The videos have been viewed more than 8 million times, attracting well wishes, suggestions and even money via GoFundMe from celebrities and every day sympathizers. There seemed to be no end in sight for Brown until she was contacted by Dr. Obeng. Once he learned of the woman’s plight, he flew her out to California to his clinic, Miko Plastic Surgery, to perform the $12,500 procedure for free that would help remove the glue from Brown’s hair. 

“I looked up the compound. The main actual ingredient in Gorilla Glue, polyurethane, and we had figured out the science, how to break it down. So I then decided, now I’m gonna reinvent the wheel,” Obeng said. 

The “Surgeon’s Surgeon” then created a concoction of industrial glue remover, aloe vera, olive oil and acetone, using the mixture first on a wig of real human hair to test it’s effectiveness. Once it worked, he was ready for Ms. Brown, utilizing the same method and successfully removing the Gorilla Glue from her hair. 

“Surgery went well. She had a lot of irritation on the scalp, especially the edges of her head because of all the chemicals. She is very, very lucky that she did not sustain a lot of injuries to her scalp. This type of ordeal is no joke,” Dr. Obeng said. 

No word yet on what miracle life saving procedures the good doctor will complete next but he is definitely on our radar. 

Thank you for your work Dr. Obeng! Because of you, we can. 

Photo Courtesy of Rachpoot/MEGA/NY Post