Meet The LA-Based Private Pilot Introducing Her Daughter To The World Of Aviation


June 26, 2023

Maria Alejandra has been a private pilot for some years now. She began documenting her journey on social media in 2020, taking her followers with her as she traveled with her instructor to various places like Catalina Island, took her first solo flight, and tested out flying various aircraft makes and models. 

This past April, Alejandra showed followers the first time she took her family on a trip, Alejandra going live on Instagram with her mom in the cabin while her cousin rode shotgun with her. 

“Don’t be nervous, primo, ok? Relax, just pray,” her mom is shown telling the cousin as Alejandra preps them all for take off. 



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The family was so proud of her as they laughed and conversed during the flight, and Alejandra was filled with excitement as she explained the different functions of the plane to her family and followers. Recently, Alejandra continued the family fun as she brought her daughter Gabby along for her flights. 


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The Los Angeles-based pilot first shows her explaining flight prep to her daughter, the two walking around the aircraft before boarding to check everything from its wings to the engine. After checking, Gabby and Alejandra are both seen in headsets as her young daughter marvels at the sights and encourages her mom along the way. 

“Wow…you got it Mommy,” Gabby exclaims.


Alejandra then takes Gabby in the air again, teaching her about flight patterns and allowing her to operate this time as co-pilot. 

“She’s getting so good at these pre-flights, just like her Mommy. I love it,” says Alejandra. 

Meet the LA-based private pilot introducing her daughter to the world of aviation/Photo Courtesy of @Pilot.Alejandra/Instagram 



An ambassador for Women Rock Wings, Alejandra is an advocate for women in aviation, showing the importance of her work on social media, especially for women of color in an industry that lacks diversity. Many flocked to Alejandra’s comments to praise her for teaching Gabby so early and serving as a massive source of inspiration regarding what’s possible for Black girls. 

“This is so empowering. A Black goddess inspiring her Black princess. You are literally showing her that there are no limitations to what she can and cannot do in life. This is what true Black girl magic is,” wrote one user. 

“I’m 33 years old and this is the first time I’ve ever seen a Black pilot, and what a treat for it to be a Black woman AND her daughter. My grandfather taught me about Bessie Coleman when I was a kid, and seeing this just made my heart smile,” another added. 


Alejandra has already amassed nearly 200,000 followers across Instagram and TikTok and here’s hoping that she’ll continue documenting her experiences and being an inspiration. Not only are we excited for what Alejandra will do next but we can’t wait to see Gabby get older and fly the friendly skies. 

Cover photo: Meet the LA-based private pilot introducing her daughter to the world of aviation/Photo Courtesy of @Pilot.Alejandra/Instagram 

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