6-Year-Old New Jersey Kindergartner Is the Newest Young Genius in Mensa


by Veracity Savant

December 6, 2023

Her IQ is on the same level as Albert Einstein’s!

Declan Lopez is a 6-year-old from New Jersey. Despite only being in kindergarten, her intelligence is light years ahead, with Declan recently becoming the newest member of Mensa, Black Enterprise reports. A global high IQ society founded in 1946, Mensa brings together the world’s brightest minds, boasting nearly 150,000 Mensa members across 90 countries throughout the world who rank in the top 2% of the general population based on intelligence tests. 

6-year-old Declan boasts an IQ of 138, which, according to historical records, would be on par with Albert Einstein. According to Mensa, the high average score for people under age 64 is 109, proving that young Declan is scoring off the charts. 


Declan attends school in Dover, New Jersey, and shows amazing reading ability, already at a third or fourth-grade level. Meachel Lopez, Declan’s mother, says her daughter began showing genius-level intelligence when she was only 18 months, an early sign for her parents that she was exceptional. 

“We were on a trip in the airport, and she just started to count in Mandarin,” Meachel Lopez recalled. 

Now, her parents said she is supported by her “amazing and supportive” teachers at school. 


“Her current school offers her a once-a-week coding game to attempt to provide her with some added stimulation as they currently do not offer a gifted program until the third grade,” Lopez told reporters. 

Declan is pretty clear about her current interests, but her parents are also helping her to find balance, encouraging her to play and just be a kid. 

“I’m interested in arts, science, math, and geography…My favorite thing to learn is a force in motion,” said Declan. 


The skies are the limit for this young genius, and as a new Mensa member, she’ll have access to a growing community geared at providing a stimulating intellectual and social community for its members, many of whom are younger and younger. While Declan has her whole life ahead of her, she’s also setting the tone for her younger brother Maddox, who may follow in her footsteps. 

Cover photo: 6-Year-Old New Jersey Kindergartner Is Now the Newest Young Genius in Mensa/Photo by ABC 7 News

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