NFL Player Leonard Fournette Pays For Remainder Of Student’s Tuition At His Alma Mater


July 11, 2018

 Photo via: USA Today 

Leonard Fournette is an NFL running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars who recently agreed to finish paying off a student’s tuition at his alma mater Louisiana State University.

Last week, Jhane Lowsoo announced on Twitter that she had $10,000 left to pay to LSU and that she was working two jobs to pay at least half of the money. The fifth-year student had lost her financial aid and launched a GoFundMe campaign to help her reach her goal of finishing school and paying off her tuition, explaining on her GoFundMe page:  


“I will be a 5th year senior at LSU, meaning that I will no longer receive TOPS (due to TOPS being a 4-year college program) I have tried to apply for several loans but have gotten turned down for every single one. This means that I will have to pay for my tuition out of pocket. I am really in need and would appreciate any donation that is given. $1, $5…. anything helps! I’ve worked too hard & I’ve come to far to stop now!” 

Photo via: GoFundMe


Before Fournette’s $5,000 donation, the LSU student had raised $2,000 towards her goal. Today, she has raised a little more than $4,000, not including Fournette’s contribution.

In a tweet, Lowsoo said that the first $1,000 donation to her campaign came from another former LSU running back, Derrius Guice, who now plays for the Washington Redskins.

In an interview, Fournette says this his generous act was more than just a donation to a student at his alma mater and revealed that Lowsoo was in fact his trainer when he attended LSU.


Now that’s how you give back to your alma mater! 

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