Matriarch Celebrates 100th Birthday With 173 Of Her Descendants


August 13, 2020

Her presence is a present in its self!

A North Carolina grandmother with 173 descendants celebrated her 100th birthday this year, WTVD reports. 

Julia Lee Kelley has lived a full life, living long enough to see five generations of her lineage born. The Franklinton, North Carolina resident, has 173 descendants, including 5 children, 30 grandchildren, 88 great-grandchildren, 49 great-great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-great-grandchild. 



Every year, Ms. Kelley’s family throws a big celebration to honor their matriarch on her birthday, tweaking the festivities this year due to the pandemic. Cars lined up for a motorcade to celebrate her 100th revolution around the sun. As they drove through, cars were honking, people were dancing, and literally showering her with money. Some even jumped out against orders to give her their love and a warm embrace. 


Ms. Kelley sat perched in her chair under a canopy with a backdrop behind her as she waved to her loved ones from the front yard, thanking everyone for coming. 

In our best Stevie Wonder voice, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ya, Ms. Kelley! May we all live prosperous lives abundant with love, family, and good health.

Photo Courtesy of Kelley Oakley/Kimberley Williams/ Fox 5 DC


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