North Carolina Teen Accepted Into 33 Colleges, Earns $1.4 Million In Scholarship Offers


June 30, 2022

He credited his high school for preparing him!

A North Carolina high school graduate got accepted into 33 colleges and earned $1.4 million in scholarship offers, ABC 11 reports. 

Alexander Fusi recently graduated from Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy, an all-boys school in Raleigh, North Carolina. There he took all honors courses and credits his school with preparing him fully to attend college. 


The teen applied to several different colleges and universities, getting accepted into 33 in total and earning more than $1.4 million in scholarships. Alexander says he’s overjoyed by the accomplishment. 

“It’s a good feeling to know that I got into all these places, and all these places definitely wanted me to come,” he said. 

Alexander is set to attend HBCU Tennessee State University in the fall. His mother Lakeisha Fusi said they already have a community in Tennessee who are going to help Alexander. Fusi said she’s proud of her son, not just for what he’s been able to accomplish academically but for who he is as a person. 


“We have some friends there who are ready and willing to support him. The best compliment you can get as a parent is that people who don’t live with your child every day speak highly of his maturity, his kindness, his generosity, and how respectful he is to other people,” said Fusi. 

Congratulations, Alexander! The sky’s the limit!

Photo Courtesy of ABC 11


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