Notre Dame Women’s Basketball Coach Niele Ivey and Son Jaden Both Enter Sweet 16 Of NCAA Tournament


March 22, 2022

Like mother, like son!

Notre Dame women’s basketball coach Niele Ivey and her son Jaden have both entered the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament, Sports Illustrated reports. 

Niele Ivey is the head coach of Notre Dame’s women’s basketball team, and her son Jaden is a sophomore guard at Purdue. Throughout the NCAA tournament, Niele has been watching Jaden in between her games in the women’s bracket, at times feeling more stressed for her son than she does for her own team. 


On Monday night, Niele helped lead the No. 5 Fighting Irish to a victory against the No. 4 ranked Ohio State, the team bringing home the win, 108-64, and making it into the coveted Sweet 16 of the tournament. However, her stress didn’t peak until the next day, when she watched her son Jaden get ready to take the court for Purdue against Texas. 



During the game, Jaden gained 18 points, three rebounds and three assists for the Boilermakers, carrying the team to victory against the Longhorns. Even though Purdue held the league for the majority of the game, Niele admits she was still nervous. Now, both of the Iveys are in the NCAA’s Sweet 16 (the regional semifinal round of the tournament) a cause for celebration if there ever was one. 

“It’s so special. But I was so excited last night. First of all, my stress is as a mom. Today I was relaxed. Last night I was stressed. I was just so happy that he’s living out his dreams, I’m living out my dreams, and to watch him help his team get to the Sweet 16 was just so special for me,” Niele told reporters. 

Despite it being challenging, not being able to physically attend her son’s games, Niele said Jaden understands and if anything, the two’s bond has grown stronger than ever. 


“It was hard not being there, but he knows that I have a job to do, as well. I had a FaceTime with him earlier just before the game, so we’re there for each other in spirit. But yeah, it’s just a special bond. It’s a special, unique situation. We’re both living out our dreams. I’m super blessed. I feel blessed to be in this position, and I just feel that God has his favor on both Jaden and I,” Niele explained. 


Niele made history in April of 2020 when she was named Notre Dame’s first Black woman head coach, returning to her alma mater where she was an All-American guard for the Fighting Irish and an assistant coach for 12 seasons. As the 19th pick in the 2001 WNBA draft, Niele also blazed a trail as the first woman assistant coach for the Memphis Grizzlies. She has ultimately paved the way for her son’s success in the game of basketball. 

Jaden is scheduled to play again this Friday against No. 15 Saint Peters, with Niele’s team going against the No. 1 NC State on Saturday. 

Congratulations, Ivey family! We’re wishing you both well! 


Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

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