Oldest Living Black WWII Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday


April 17, 2023

He’s being enveloped in love!

Thomas Taylor is a resident of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. A World War II veteran, as Taylor gears up to celebrate his centennial birthday, the Butler Street Senior Living facility where he resides has asked the community to shower Taylor with love for his 100th birthday, Fox 43 reports. 

“Thomas is a true American Hero, having served in WWII. He is also about to turn 100!!! Wouldn’t it be great to shower him with cards, wishing him a Happy 100th Birthday from all over the country?,” facility officials posted online.   


They thought it was a nice gesture and could add to the abundance of family and friends already preparing for Taylor’s big day.

“It’s just always special when you get that next year, you know? It doesn’t have to be a big milestone, it’s ‘You’ve made it another year, you’re [surrounded] by loved [ones],’” said Tori Grizzle, head concierge at Butler Street Senior Living. 


Originally, staff members thought it would be special to receive at least 100 cards, one for each year of his life. But already they’ve far exceeded their goal and Taylor said he’s been happy to read the celebratory cards.

“You’ve got these different people enjoying your birthday, it means a lot when you get that age and have all these people enjoying it, I think it’s just a natural thing,” he said. 

While he’s lived a long life, the veteran has had his fair share of challenges, returning to the U.S. after serving his country, only to suffer the unimaginable loss of both his wife and son. Still, Taylor said he’s lived a good life, encouraging others to not let the bad moments weigh you down.


“When you’re having problems don’t let them get to you, just stick them out and try to realize what you can do. If you can do something, do it, if you can’t don’t try and overload yourself,” Taylor advised. 

The cards are still rolling in before the big day and Taylor said he’s handling it all in stride and just maintaining a positive outlook. He’s encouraged the community to keep the birthday cards coming, as he plans to read them all. 

“If anyone wants to send me a card they can send me a card. I’d be glad to read it and enjoy it while I’m still on this earth,” he said. 


To send a Happy 100th birthday card to Mr. Taylor, mail it to the attention of the Activities Department at Butler Street Senior Living, 3251 Butler St. Harrisburg, PA 17103. 

Happy Blessed Birthday Mr. Taylor! Thank you for all of your contributions. Because of you, we can!

Cover photo: Oldest living Black WWII veteran celebrates 100th birthday/Photo Courtesy of Butler Street Senior Living/Facebook


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