The Gates Foundation Is Investing $1.1 Billion To Improve Math Education For Black Students


December 30, 2022

The Gates Foundation is investing $1.1B to create more opportunities for higher education and jobs for Black students by improving their math education, Essence reports.

Many Black students are at a disadvantage when trying to receiving an adequate math education, which further impacts higher education and job opportunities. To improve their experiences, The Gates Foundation is investing $1.1 billion dollars to districts across the country.



Over the next 10 years, they plan to change student engagement and motivation towards math instruction, give teachers the necessary support needed for them to deliver a high-quality education, assist the districts with the best practices needed to equip the schools with a strong math curriculum and, most importantly, they will work with education pathway partners to ensure the high school to college pipeline remains open and equal.

“We will also continue to bridge the gap between research and practice—investing in a research and development and an innovation agenda and partnerships to develop new tools and breakthroughs that get translated into classroom practice,” a statement on the Gates Foundation website reads.


We hope this initiative supports our children greatly!


Photo: iStock/David Ryder/Getty Images


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