These Siblings Finished The School Year With Honor Roll. Then Their Dad Made Them Business Owners.


May 31, 2018


New business owner alert! 

Six and eight-year-old Rudolph and Dasani Ingram just passed their respective grade with honor roll. To celebrate their academic excellence, their Dad decided to gift them with something that would teach them the value of investing and saving money: candy machines. 

“All my kids passed with honor roll so instead of buying them clothes, shoes, or jewelry, I bought them candy machines that we will be putting in locations to teach them about investing and gross profit minus expenses which equals their net profit…,” the dad wrote on Instagram. “They will be saving 30%, investing 35%, and spending 35%. Let’s be great kids. Nothing’s hard just must be consistently willing. We’re now ALL BUSINESS OWNERS.”


All My Kids Passed With Honor-roll So Instead Of Buying Them Clothes Shoes Jewelry I Bought Them Candy Machines That We Will Be Putting In Locations To Teach Them About Investing And Gross Profit Minus Expenses Which Equals Their Net Profit Which They Will Be Saving %30 Investing %35 And Spending %35 Lets Be Great Kids Nothing’s Hard Just Must Be Consistently Willing We’re Now ALL BUSINESS OWNERS #OwnerShip @theshaderoom @saycheesedigital @19_keys @balleralert @hollywoodunlocked @blackenterprise

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Rudolph is also a 2 time AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) All-American and one of the fastest 6-year-olds in the nation.

Family goals! Kudos to Dad for paving the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs. 


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