Uncle Nearest Whiskey’s Fawn and Keith Weaver Now Own a Bank In Tennessee


December 28, 2022

“So…we bought a bank.”

Fawn Weaver, the serial entrepreneur of more than 25 years, recently posted a reel on Instagram showing her and her husband’s newest purchase: a bank in Tennessee.

“Actually, even better, we bought the building and became the landlord of Keith’s parent’s bank,” Weaver explained in her caption.


Fawn and Keith Weaver

Having lived in three homeless shelters before she was 19, the 46-year-old whiskey owner, who just crossed $100M in sales, said she spent most of her time reading the autobiographies of people like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Charles Schwab, Andrew Mellon, J.D. Rockefeller, and J.P. Morgan. One thing she said they all have in common is that they made “significant investments” in real estate. Inspired by their stories, she and her husband hope to do the same and teach people “the difference between flossing and flexing.” 



Although the people she mentioned above are great examples, there are many Black figures who also learned the value of investing in real estate, banks specifically, and led by example. Consider 130-year-old Capital Savings Bank, which was owned and operated by Black people and inspired 134 other Black-owned banks to establish between 1888 to 1934. A present-day example would be Kiko Davis, the owner of the only Black woman-owned bank in the U.S. We can’t forget to mention the Black bank owners who merged to create the largest Black-owned bank in the U.S., Brian E. Argrett and Wayne-Kent A. Bradshaw. The point is that Black people have been flexing for a long time now, before both the Rockefellers and the Fords.

From her husband, Keith Weaver’s, first condo at 18 in 1991 to buying a bank together in 2022, The Weavers are just another good example of Black people learning the way, paving it, and continuing to inspire others to do the same. 



This is huge, congratulations!

Photo Credit: WBIR


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