Uncle Nearest Surpasses $1B Valuation, Becoming Fastest-Growing U.S. Whiskey Brand in History


June 3, 2024

Now this is worth celebrating!

Fawn Weaver is making history, not just for herself, but for rewriting the narrative of American whiskey and honoring a long-overlooked figure: Nearest Green. Uncle Nearest, the brand Weaver founded to celebrate Green’s legacy, has become the fastest-growing American whiskey brand ever, according to Forbes.

Green, a formerly enslaved man, was the master distiller who mentored Jack Daniel, the founder of the Jack Daniel’s brand. Weaver, determined to honor Green’s contributions, launched Uncle Nearest in 2017. The company has since exploded, defying the odds, shattering expectations, and tripling sales since 2022.


Refusing to follow the traditional path of venture capital or private equity investment, Weaver secured a staggering $225 million from over 160 individual investors, each believing in her vision and Green’s legacy. This unique approach allowed Weaver to retain control of the company, ensuring Uncle Nearest remains true to its core mission.

“The most difficult thing in starting any business. It’s always the capital. Nobody really wants to invest until you’re already successful, but you can’t get successful without the investment. So, creating a way for me to raise money that didn’t include VC or PE or institutional lending and chasing after them, and having them meet to produce all these documents that most companies don’t even have till they’re 5/6 years old. I’m like, ‘Look, I’m not gonna do this. I’m gonna find enough individuals of high net worth that are accredited investors that are willing to back my vision, that are willing to believe in me, but will stay out of my way. They will help me, but they will not hinder me.’ And I raised over $225 million with individuals only,” Weaver told AfroTech.

Weaver’s strategy paid off and the brand’s growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. The company boasts a sprawling distillery in Tennessee, its products grace shelves worldwide, they recently purchased the largest Grand Champagne vineyard in Cognac, France, and its valuation has just surpassed $1 billion. But for Weaver, financial success is just a stepping stone. She aims to reach a monumental $50 billion valuation, with the ultimate goal of benefiting Green’s descendants, Yahoo! Finance reports.


“I’m going to build it large as h-ll. When I pass it on, I don’t want it to be a $10 billion company. I want it to be a $50 billion company,” Weaver mentioned to Forbes. “I am never going to profit on Uncle Nearest. I’ve known it from day one. I’m raising up their family.”

Weaver’s vision extends far beyond personal gain. She has pledged to never profit directly from Uncle Nearest. Instead, she is building a legacy that will provide for Green’s family for generations to come. Uncle Nearest is not just about whiskey; it’s about honoring the past, empowering the present, and securing a brighter future.

Because of Fawn Weaver, Uncle Nearest is not just a whiskey brand; it’s a testament to perseverance, vision, and the power of reclaiming a rightful legacy.


Cover photo: Uncle Nearest Surpasses $1B Valuation, Becoming Fastest-Growing U.S. Whiskey Brand in History/Photo Credit: @UncleNearest/Instagram 

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