Venus Williams Becomes Co-Founder of Palazzo, an AI-Based Interior Design Company


March 8, 2024

She’s taking one of her other talents to the next level!

Tennis legend Venus Williams has ventured into the world of artificial intelligence-based interior design, co-founding the innovative startup Palazzo. Fast Company reports the platform, launching in beta, aims to revolutionize how individuals approach home design by offering a seamless and accessible AI-driven experience. Williams, known not only for her unparalleled tennis career but also for her ventures in design and entrepreneurship, brings her expertise to Palazzo. The co-founders, including tech-forward minds Raffi Holzer and Edward Lando, envision Palazzo as a comprehensive solution for all things home.

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The platform’s unique proposition lies in its ability to transform any room through a simple process. Users upload a photo of their space, engaging in a conversation with an AI chatbot. Subsequently, the system renders a convincing makeover, providing users with a tangible vision for their redesigned room. While Palazzo’s current features may be considered “barebones” in the beta phase, Williams and her co-founders have grand ambitions for the platform. “Our vision is to create a space where everything home is in one place,” expresses Williams, sharing the team’s commitment to making design enjoyable and accessible.

Palazzo not only caters to individual design needs but also introduces a social component to the platform. Users can share their designs, invite feedback from friends, and even open them to the public. This collaborative feature adds a communal touch to the design process, turning Palazzo into a space for shared inspiration and creative exchange.

“We’ve just found this space where a lot doesn’t exist. And we get to have our say on it and make that mark,” she shares, underlining the platform’s commitment to filling a void in the realm of interior design.

As Palazzo continues to evolve, Venus Williams and her team strive to create a platform that not only transforms individual spaces but also fosters a community passionate about design—a place where every voice has a valuable say.


Cover photo: Venus Williams Becomes Co-Founder of Palazzo, an AI-Based Interior Design Company / Credit: Photo by Dave Kotinsky

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