Vice President Kamala Harris Sworn In by Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, Using Thurgood Marshall’s Bible


January 20, 2021

It doesn’t get more historic than this!

Vice President Kamala Harris has been sworn in Jan. 20th by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, using Thurgood Marshall’s bible.


Harris made history Wednesday morning as the first Black woman to become Vice President of the United States of America. Amidst a tense couple of months and an ongoing global pandemic, the former U.S. Senator turned VP has continued to persevere. ABC News reported that Harris would commemorate her historic inauguration by swearing-in on a bible owned by the first Black Supreme Court justice and civil rights legend Thurgood Marshall. Justice Sotomayor, the first Latina Supreme Court justice who was nominated by Forever President Barack Obama, the first Black president, presided over the swearing in ceremony.

Marshall’s bible was given to Harris by Regina Shelton, a former childhood neighbor whom Harris has said was like a second mother to her. Harris has held on to Shelton’s “enduring and encouraging presence” throughout her life, swearing-in on the bible during her appointment to the California Attorney General and the United States Senate. Both Shelton and Marshall inspired Harris’ career paths, even attending Howard University as a homage to Marshall, who also graduated from the HBCU.


“Some of my greatest heroes were lawyers: Thurgood Marshall, Charles Hamilton Houston, Constance Baker Motley – giants of the civil rights movement. I cared a lot about fairness, and I saw the law as a tool that can help make things fair,” Harris wrote in her memoir.

The symbolism of Harris’ swearing-in is especially pertinent given the rising racial reckoning in the nation and the recent attack on the U.S. capitol by white supremacists. 


We are proud of the work Kamala has done and can’t wait to see her continue making history.

Photo Courtesy of NBC News and @happygolawky/@DrDenaGrayson/Twitter

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