Watch Monaé Nichols Jump Exact Meters Needed to Qualify for Paris Olympics


July 4, 2024

Now, this is impressive!

With the Paris Olympics just around the corner, many of our star-studded athletes are putting their money where their mouth is! Recently, Monaé Nichols, a Bethune-Cookman alum and superb track and field athlete who competes in the long jump, competed at the Olympic Trials for her spot in Paris. 

On Nichols’ sixth-and-final long jump attempt at Trials in Oregon, the tension was palpable. She needed exactly 6.86 meters to qualify. Despite her nerves, Nichols made a strong start and prepared for her final jump. Clutching her hands and biting her nails, she awaited the results, knowing she had given her all. 


When the scores came in, Nichols had jumped exactly 6.86 meters, the Olympic standard needed to guarantee her spot. Overwhelmed with joy when she saw the board, Nichols couldn’t contain her excitement. She screamed, jumped for joy, and then embraced her fellow Team USA peers in a moment of pure jubilation. 

Nichols will now join fellow American long-jumpers Tara Davis-Woodhall, who finished first at a distance of seven meters, and Jasmin Moore, who was the runner-up with a distance of 6.98.  With Nichols finishing third, the three will now head to Paris!


Check out the electrifying moment below!

Cover photo: Watch Monaé Nichols Jump Exact Meters Needed to Qualify for Paris Olympics/Photo Credit: @MonaeAliya/@ShayShotIt/Instagram


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