With A Grant From Delta Air Lines, MLK National Park Will Reopen Despite Government Shutdown


January 18, 2019


Photo: Alyssa Pointer 

The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park has been closed since the partial government shutdown started on December 22. However, thanks to a grant from the Delta Air Lines Foundation, the historic site will reopen for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a federal holiday that celebrates the life and legacy of Dr. King. 


It will remain open from Saturday, January 19 to the day of the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3. In addition to the operating costs of employees who have been furloughed due to the closure of the park, the $83,500 grant will also take care of cleanup, administration, and maintenance fees.  


“‘The time is always right to do what is right.’ These powerful words spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. resonate stronger than ever as we celebrate his life and legacy this weekend,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian in a statement. “While his work in bringing people together can be felt worldwide, his influence is a constant presence in Delta’s hometown of Atlanta. Upon learning that the governmentshutdown meant Dr. King’s birth home, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Fire Station No. 6 and the visitor center would be closed during the national holiday, we knew we had to take action.”



And like the youngest daughter of Dr. King, Bernice King, we’re thankful they did. 

Bastian added: “These historic landmarks represent the strength of our community and should always be made available for the public to enjoy. I’m honored and humbled that Delta Air Lines will continue supporting Dr. King’s legacy by funding the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park, allowing these sites to be open January 19 through February 3.”  

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