WNBA Player A’ja Wilson Fulfills Childhood Dream of Helping Her Mom Retire


January 17, 2024

A dream come true! WNBA player A’ja Wilson was able to help her mom, Eva Rakes Wilson, fully retire for Christmas. The two-time WNBA champion has been a standout player throughout her successful career in the league. A lot of people think she is headed for the Hall of Fame, and she is definitely considered one of the best players in the WNBA right now.

Because of her success, she is valued at $3 million. Wilson’s journey is also thanks to the contributions of her mother. So, she decided to return the favor during the holidays. “A’ja was full of surprises this past Christmas; retiring me was the most thoughtful and loving. I am one blessed momma!” Rakes Wilson said via Twitter.

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In May 2023, Wilson spoke with Esquire about protecting her mental health while playing professional basketball. “It’s slowly being seen more and talked about more, which is appreciated a lot. Especially with this new wave of kids that are coming in with NIL. So many different things can really hurt you mentally. It shouldn’t be secretive. It shouldn’t have to be like, ‘Well, if you need help, we have somebody.’

She continued, “That’s something that should already be in those conversations, freshman year in college or rookie orientation — not like, ‘wait till it gets really, really bad and then we can help you…’ It comes on us as professional athletes to continue to talk about it and be open about it. And it’s hard. It really is hard. I hate when people get in my privacy or in my mind, but at the same time, if me talking it out helps the next person, I’m down for it.

(Cover photo: A’ja Wilson/Photo by Luther Redd)


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