Because of Them We Can visits the White House

#becauseofthemwecan #SXSL

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of attending the first ever White House South by South Lawn event- a festival that celebrates ideas, arts, and action. While there, we saw Will Allen, the founder and CEO of Growing Power (a non-profit organization that promotes urban agriculture) talk about how to provide better food for the future, hip-hop artist and actor, Common, advocate for criminal justice reform, President Obama share his thoughts on climate change and more! We left the South Lawn feeling inspired by all the artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs working to create a better future for us all.

Pictured: President Obama sitting by one of the sculptures made up of Lego bricks (created by artist Nathan Sawaya), which was featured at the White House South by South Lawn event.

Photo credit: Pete Souza

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