Black Girl Magic Times Two: These Twin Sisters Graduated As Co-Valedictorians Of High School Class


Photo via: WAFB 9 News / Printed left to right: Shayla and Kayla LeBlanc 

Here's a double dose of Black girl magic! 

Last month, fraternal twin sisters Shayla and Kayla LeBlanc graduated from Brusly High School as co-valedictorians. The sisters both earned an incredible 4.3 GPA (grade point average), which ranked them at the very top of their class. 

With a shared passion for learning, Shayla and Kayla, who both knew multiplication by the time they reached the first grade, have been each other's biggest inspiration throughout their educational journey. According to The Westside Journal, Shayla said: 

"It is not a competitive spirit that has brought them to the top of their class. Rather, it has been the desire to see each other succeed that kept them motivated to work hard." 

Photo via: WAFB 9 News

Their hard work paid off as Shayla is headed to Harvard University in the fall, and Kayla, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

"I think I’m just excited about experiencing something different and moving away," Kayla said. "That’s probably going to be very challenging, but I think I’m ready for it."

The sisters were initially going to start their collegiate journey together at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; however, Shayla set her sights on the Ivy League after she received an acceptance letter from Harvard. 

Photo via: WAFB 9 News

"I’m excited for the same thing...being able to go off and also gain an individual identity," Shayla said.

While the two sisters are set to attend different universities, they both intend to major in chemistry and pursue a career in medicine. Kayla wants to become a pediatrician, and Shayla, an oncologist. 

There's no doubt in our minds that in due time, we'll be calling both of these brilliant young ladies Dr. LeBlanc. 

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