WATCH: This Morehouse Student Did A Music Video About Biology That Will Make You Love Science All Over Again

What did Morehouse college student-athlete Julien Turner do when his biology professor told the class that he'll curve their overall grade if they made a music video about any subject that they've covered? Turner put his creative mind to the test and made a music video called "XY Cell Life,"- a now viral educational remix to Lil Uzi Vert's "Xo Tour Llife." 

Within 24 hours of posting it on Twitter, the video has accumulated over 1,000 comments, more than 50,000 retweets, and 100,000 plus likes. Clearly users can't get enough of the scientific lyrics, especially this one line: "If my genes go left unread, all my cells are dead." 

Watch the video below: 

If you ask us, it's absolute genius and Julien Turner definitely deserves the extra credit.

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